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Mannkal has an extensive library (several thousand books and other materials collected over 50 years by Ron).

The books are not for loan, but can be read at leisure in the office.

The library catalog and review information is stored on LibraryThing - a social cataloguing web application - and is freely available for anyone to search.

Almost 70% of our library has been uploaded so far. This will give you an overview of our "library project".

The library is set up physically in the following categories:

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On the catalogue page, please click on the link labelled "RonManners has a suggested style for viewing this library" to see the catalogue in Ron's preferred style. Ron's recommended sort order is by Dewey; you can set the sort order by clicking on the title of the column you wish to sort by, or by clicking on the Sort icon (with the blue arrows) in the toolbar at the top of the page. Use the search box to search by author, title, subject, tags, publisher or keywords.

To access the catalogue and search for books, click on this link.

Economic Timelines

Please visit our economic timelines which may be of assistance in searching for material in this library.

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