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Nomination - 2/3/2011 - Ronald Kitching (1929 – 2011)

A legend leaves us with many memories.

A very close personal friend and a great contributor to the freedom philosophy, Ronald Kitching (aged 81), quietly passed away at Rockhampton, Queensland, on Wednesday, 2nd March, 2011.

Having led a remarkable life, in such diverse fields as drilling contractor - Glindemann & Kitching, author, economic and philosophical observer and family man, his passing is a great loss to the civilised fabric of Australian life.

My family, staff and colleagues were blessed by his guidance and friendship.

Ron Manners

Further aspects of Ronald Kitching's life are detailed on the following links & photos:

Click here for information on Ron Kitching's fantastic book - "Understanding Personal and Economic Liberty"

Condolence notes and enquiries should be directed to Ronald Kitching’s daughter, Jenni Cousens in Rockhampton -


November 1990
L-R Joan Kitching (wife), Jennifer Kitching (daughter) and Ron Kitching


L-R Ron Kitching, Jenny Manners, Sylvia Kitching (wife) and Ron Manners


Ron Kitching and Ron Manners with busts of Hayek and von Mises


At a celebratory birthday dinner, in Brisbane, Qld, for the late F.A. Hayek, Saturday May 1st, 2004
L-R Ronald Kitching, Viv Forbes, Ron Manners


Enjoying lunch @ Rockhampton, Wednesday 9th February, 2011
L-R Ron Manners, Gavin Cousens – son-in-law, Jennifer Cousens - daughter, Ronald Kitching, Wally Unger – long term friend & colleague

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