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Environmental Issues

Naturally, we all have a vested interest in our environment and the many issues being thrust at us by so many self-interested groups.

We submit the following material for your balanced consideration.

The Rice Video - Carbon Dioxide in perspective (external link)

Galileo Movement, 3 April 2012

Three minutes puts carbon dioxide into perspective.

The Delinquent Teenager who was mistaken for the world's top climate expert The Delinquent Teenager who was mistaken for the world's top climate expert (external link)

Donna Laframboise, 1 March 2012

Summary of Donna Laframboise's critique of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Summary of Donna Laframboise's critique of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Green Chaos Down Under (PDF, 61 KB)

Global Warming Policy Foundation, 25 February 2012

They are right on the money here!

Bad Stuff Happens (external link)

Viv Forbes, 6 December 2011

The long war for carbon sense continues. Persistence is our secret weapon. Please pass this on.

Blocked sea-level research probed (external link)

Imre Samsinszky, 5 December 2011

NSW Environment Minister Robyn Parker has asked department officials to explain why they put the lid on internal research that questioned catastrophic predictions of sea-level rises as a result of climate change.

Climate Change meetings may fade away (PDF, 16 KB)

Des Moore, 29 November 2011

Letter published in AFR, 29 Nov 2011

Menzies House: Stop Gillard's Carbon Tax (external link)

Timothy Andrews, 29 November 2011

It is only a few weeks since the Gillard-Brown Government passed the unnecessary & destructive tax on carbon dioxide, yet so much has happened since.

More on the ClimateGate Scandal from the British Daily Mail. You just can’t trust those Climate Alarmists (external link)

David Rose, 29 November 2011

Britain’s leading green activist research centre spent £15,000 on seminars for top BBC executives in an apparent bid to block climate change sceptics from the airwaves, a vast new cache of leaked ‘Climategate’ emails has revealed.

Gillard the fool - or is it something more sinister? (PDF, 25 KB)

T.L. Cardwell, 28 November 2011

First we had the lie of no carbon tax. So who put the screws on her to stubbornly change her mind.

McRobert to The Weekend Australian (PDF, 9 KB)

John McRobert, 26 October 2011

Three letters condemning Jane Fraser and her mention of Prof Ian Plimer (WE Aust 27-28) - none in support.

Reaping Bitter Green Dividends (external link)

Viv Forbes, Carbon Sense, 24 October 2011

The battle for Carbon Sense will go on. We have no option but to fight until the Carbon Tax bills are repealed and the dead weight of the massive Climate Change Bureaucracy is removed from our backs. We hope you can support us in this fight.

Kill the Combet Carbon Tax

Viv Forbes, 19 October 2011

The Carbon Tax Neatly Summarised

AN UTTER DISGRACE: 4,500 Aussies have just been CENSORED By The Gillard-Brown Regime (PDF, 54 KB)

Menzies House, 19 October 2011

An Australian Parliamentary Committee has NEVER BEFORE censored submissions to this extent.

Hal Colebatch and Climate Change (PDF, 35 KB)

Hal Colebatch, 11 October 2011

"Climate Change and the End of Australia," by someone called Jeff Goodell in Rolling Stone magazine.

Great Barrier Reef ‘research’ – A litany of false claims (external link)

Jennifer Marohasy, 10 October 2011

We may live in the information age, but how true are many of the scientific claims we read and hear? For ten years the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) has been campaigning to ‘Save the Great Barrier Reef’.

Questions for the Chief Scientist

Michael Kile, 4 October 2011

Professor Ian Chubb, AC, was appointed to the position on 19 April this year after the surprise resignation of his predecessor, astronomer Penny Sackett.

The Carbon Tax – 19 Bills and 1,100 Pages. But Opposition to them will never End. (external link)

The Carbon Sense, 21 September 2011

The Gillard-Green Coalition and their "independent" allies are in temporary control of the Australian Parliament. But they are about to sign a death warrant for their parties and for many of their elected members by voting for the Carbon Tax package

Just Another Tax & More Propaganda. (PDF, 23 KB)

Mac Nichols, 13 September 2011

Mac writes and other great letter. This month's is in response to an article in The Australian (dated 13.09.2011): 'Tax their Carbon'.

New Report on Global Warming Contradicts U.N.’s IPCC (external link)

Joseph Bast, Craig Idso, S. Fred Singer, Robert M. Carter, 29 August 2011

The UN's IPCC comes under attack again in a new report co-produced by three nonprofit research organizations.

Pseudo-science: a threat to agriculture (PDF, 294 KB)

Submitted by Kin Stanton-Cook and Prof Ian Plimer, 17 August 2011

It’s particularly well argued and of great relevance to the climate debate. The explanation of “post-modernism”, a term I have never understood, has been most useful. I can now understand why delusion is so fashionable.

Checklist for the credibility of scientists, especially climate scientists (external link)

Rafe Champion, 13 August 2011

A check on the credibility of scientists, especially climate scientists.

Selling fear and loathing and unsettled science. (PDF, 39 KB)

Rafe Champion, 12 August 2011

Rafe's book is a comprehensive survey of the prospects for nuclear power, its potential and its problems.

Totally OT - Climate Change (PDF, 30 KB)

Chuck Norcutt, 12 August 2011

Rejecting the current climate "consensus" doesn't necessarily require a deep understanding of climate related scientific disciplines.

Garth Paltridge and the Greens (PDF, 23 KB)

Rafe Champion, 12 August 2011

Garth Paltridge looks like a genuine climate scientist, rather like Murry Salby who has explained that anyone who thinks that the science of climate change is delusional.

Treasury secretary John Stone blasts Labor's carbon, mining taxes (The Australian, 10 Aug) (PDF, 40 KB)

Des Moore/Susannah Moran, 10 August 2011

Des gives some great introduction words to the Australian's article.

Sunset for the C-Tax? (external link)

Viv Forbes, 3 August 2011

If the Green/Labor Coalition manages to force their carbon dioxide tax upon us, we must insist that it has a Sunset Clause which is triggered by global cooling.

Science, Climate and a Load of Codswallop (PDF, 121 KB)

Trever Sykes, 29 July 2011

It's too late, but Pierpont has just thought of an infallible way of making money at this year's Diggers and Dealers in Kalgoorlie.

Latest Roy Morgan Findings. (PDF, 44 KB)

Roy Morgan, 25 July 2011

Three great articles with Roy Morgan Research opinions.

The Five Point Plan to kill the Australian economy with High Cost Electricity. (PDF, 67 KB)

Viv Forbes, 24 July 2011

Pretend you were determined to embark on a crash program to increase the price of electricity in order to deter consumers and businesses from using it. Here is a five point plan for achieving that sort of destruction.

Carbon Trading Crime (PDF, 137 KB)

John Nibbo/Warren Truss, 21 July 2011

Two interesting articles from the Nat-Libs.

Carbon Tax explained & Shows that Queenslanders have a Clearer Understanding than Canberra.‏ (PDF, 591 KB)

John Fegan, 19 July 2011

John Fegan's poem from The Courier Mail has a go at explaining the carbon tax.

Power Station- Where Is It !!! (PDF, 129 KB)

Valerie/The Courier Mail / Herald Sun, 19 July 2011

Fraud is a more serios crime than phone hacking, so I await the ABC report on this one.‏

Carbon Tax (video) (external link)

Smart Phone Broadcasts, 12 July 2011

A great 5 minute video.

Today in the news (PDF, 241 KB)

Ray Evans and others, 28 June 2011

Ray puts together a collection of articles, letters and speeches that all made the headlines.

The New Dark (Green) Age (PDF, 24 KB)

Viv Forbes, 26 June 2011

Their long-term agenda is to destroy human industry and reduce human population. Thus they are opposed to farming, mining, fishing, forestry, exploration and cheap power.

Green Truth in 90 seconds. (external link)

ilovecarbondioxide, 20 June 2011

All you need to know about Global Warming & CO2- in just 90 seconds!

Coal jobs lost under carbon tax could have huge flow on effect in NSW. (PDF, 48 KB)

NSW Minerals Council, 15 June 2011

NSW could be hit hardest by the Federal Government’s proposed carbon tax, which will put more than 3,000 direct jobs in mining at risk in the first three years and the recovery of the State’s economy under a cloud.

Killing Camels to Create Carbon Credits. (external link)

Viv Forbes, 15 June 2011

Check out the latest edition of the Carbon Sense!

Lying your way out of trouble (external link)

MTR1377am, 11 June 2011

Alan Jones takes a look at the latest Productivity Commission report on the carbon tax and says it belongs in the bin.

The Climate Debate (external link)

Foregin Policy, 9 June 2011

We have been collecting information on the Climate Debate. We know that there is a lot of money to be made by the Climate Alarmist agenda, but it is for you to choose if their claims are “science based” or simply propaganda.

Garnaut Abandons professionalism for politics (PDF, 34 KB)

Des Moore, 6 June 2011

Professor Ross Garnaut has now submitted two major reports on climate change to the Labor government, one in 2008 and one (involving eight updates) this year.

AGW proponents lose yet another debate down under (external link)

Anthony Watts, 5 June 2011

In celebration of World Environment Day (today), the Queensland Division of the Property Council of Australia convened a breakfast meeting last Friday morning (June 3rd) to debate the topic “Australia needs a carbon tax”.

Dear Uniting Justice (PDF, 23 KB)

John McRobert, 4 June 2011

A very interesting letter.

A Proper Gander at the Propaganda (PDF, 31 KB)

John McRobert, 3 June 2011

Jock McPoet's take on the Carbon Dioxide debate.

We are going to get a carbon tax (PDF, 18 KB)

Julian Malnic, 3 June 2011

A letter to the editor style piece about the carbon tax issue.

Garnaut Report (PDF, 30 KB)

Des Moore, 2 June 2011

Des Moore's letter to the editor of the Australian Financial Review.

Rats leaving the Kyoto ship (PDF, 22 KB)

Mac Nichols, 1 June 2011

The Kyoto protocol is an unconstitutional attack on our rule of law and private property rights.

Celebrity carbon ad spreads more lies (external link)

Andrew Bolt, 1 June 2011

If the science on global warming is so good, why are we told such lies?

Say YES - We want an election (external link)

MsSpeakersCorner, 28 May 2011

I am fed up to the back teeth with rich 'holier than thou' hyprocrites telling us how to live.

Karoly’s Climate View Not Backed By All Scientists (PDF, 18 KB)

Des Moore, 25 May 2011

Letter published in Australian Financial Review

James Hansen NZ VISIT "Handle your words with care" (PDF, 18 KB)

Ken Shock, 11 May 2011

Ken Shock's letter to James Hansen about his New Zealand Tour.

Carbon Pollution - Health Warnings Needed? (PDF, 36 KB)

Viv Forbes, 6 May 2011

We're told we need a carbon tax to combat dangerous carbon pollution. The public therefore surely needs health warnings on products contaminated by this dangerous "pollutant"?

A less than noble climate of consensus (PDF, 926 KB)

Garth Paltridge, 3 May 2011

Take a look at this great article (second on the page).

More to fear from prolonged Global Cooling, (PDF, 864 KB)

John Geary, 29 April 2011

Ultimately Earth's cliamte is governed by the Sun, Geary discusses in this letter to the editor.

Climate Change: Geoscientists Understand (PDF, 1.5 MB)

Graham Bradley, 29 April 2011

Soon after the floods, the inevitable accusations appeared.

The Wind Farm Scam (PDF, 1.9 MB)

Poul Bouloudas, 29 April 2011

A book review on John Etherington's The Wind Form Scam- An Ecologist's Evoluation.

Businessmen lobbying for rebates from the proposed carbon tax shows how low we have sunk. (PDF, 10 KB)

Peter Brun, 21 April 2011

The great 19th century French economist Frederic Bastiat warned of the consequences of an economic system based on legalized plunder.

Interview with Climate Expert...Prof Richard Lindzen (external link)

Mannkal, 6 April 2011

Chris Smith speaks to Richard Lindzen, Professor of Atmospheric Sciences at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who says the carbon tax will be a heavy tax with no benefit.

Kyotoism (PDF, 23 KB)

Mac Nichols, 5 April 2011

Australia fully signed the Kyoto protocol under the Rudd Labor government. It is an agreement that limits a countries production of supposed greenhouse gases, namely carbon-dioxide and methane.

Climate Change (PDF, 16 KB)

William Kininmonth, 3 April 2011

So much is happening in the climate change area that it is difficult to keep up. But the following, Not reported in Australian media as far as I know, seems of some importance.

Oz Government Announcement (on April Fools Day) (PDF, 175 KB)

Ken Shock/Enviroment News Service, 2 April 2011

Australia and China have agreed to intensify their collaboration on creating low carbon cities to combat global climate change.

Earth Hour - A Dissent (external link)

Frontier Centre for Public Policy, 1 April 2011

Why Earth Hour is a monumental display of ignorance about the true source of our lives and future prosperity. University of Guelph economics professor Ross McKitrick explains why Earth Hour is ignorant and counterproductive.

Queensland No Carbon Tax Rally! (external link)

QLDCarbonTaxRally, 29 March 2011

The official video of the Queensland No Carbon Tax Rally, at Queensland Parliament House on the 7th of May.

This is Either a Bribe or The Fairest Way To Clean Air (PDF, 23 KB)

, 19 March 2011

Some Letters in The Australian.

How Well Has The Media And Government Informed The Public About CO2 Levels In The Air? (PDF, 64 KB)

Gregg D Thompson, 11 March 2011

Ask yourself, your friends, family and work associates if they know the answers to the following questions about Carbon Dioxide (CO2).

I was right about climate change (external link)

Ross Garnaut, 11 March 2011

TO understand climate change, an interested non-scientist must draw on the publications of experts in the field.

How Well Has The Media And Government Informed The Public About CO2 Levels In The Air? (PDF, 42 KB)

Gregg D Thompson, 6 March 2011

Ask yourself, your friends, family and work associates if they know the answers to the following questions about Carbon Dioxide (CO2). Be sure to write your answers before looking at the following....

High Priest Garnaut Cannot Read From The Hymn Book (PDF, 38 KB)

Mac Nichols, 3 March 2011

The carbon price debate heats up!

Climate change adviser recommends agriculture be included in a carbon price regime (external link)

Joe Kelly, 1 March 2011

THE government's climate change adviser Ross Garnaut has recommended agriculture eventually be included in a carbon price regime, after it was ruled out by Julia Gillard.

There's a lot you haven't told us (PDF, 71 KB)

Tim Blair, 28 February 2011

Tim Blair's letter to Prime Minister Gillard, as seen in the Daily Telegraph.

Why Wind Won't Work? - it's Weaker than Water. (external link)

The Carbon Sense Coalition, 8 February 2011

A Submission on "The social and economic impacts of rural wind farms."

Cardon Dioxide and Earth's Future (external link)

Craig D. and Sherwood B. Idso, 8 February 2011

for there will yet be a vast gulf between where they will be at that time and where they will have to go to be able to meet the much greater challenge to which they aspire.

Temperatures & Climate Alarmism (external link)

Kirk Myers, 31 January 2011

Arctic Ocean warming, icebergs growing scarce, Washington Post reports


Michael Wickson, 28 January 2011

Please pass this on in order that everyone will know the truth on Global Warming, Climate Change and the 'con job' by Governments to introduce a new tax.

What was the role of warmists in the Queensland flood disaster? (external link)

Christopher Booker, 15 January 2011

Australia was told to prepare for droughts as a result of climate change, and let down its guard against flooding, writes Christopher Booker.

Human Action (external link)

Greg Canavan, 13 January 2011

Reckoning about finance and economics is endlessly fascinating. ut reckoning on a day like today, after seeing the devastation the Queensland floods have brought about, seems futile, or even callous.

Forget Climate Taxes – Climate always Changes, and Man must Adapt. (external link)

Viv Forbes, 11 January 2011

The Carbon Sense Coalition today accused Western Governments of massive waste of community savings on frivolous climate "research" and alternative energy toys.

Devious Actions by Warmist Bank (PDF, 37 KB)

Des Moore, 4 January 2011

This article shows the extent to which some leading private sector institutions are prepared to support the warming thesis principally on the basis that it allows them to make money from advising or trading in associated activities.

The Abdication of the West (external link)

The Viscount Monckton of Brenchley, 16 December 2010

Lord Momckton on the Cancun Climate Change Circus!

Green Power just generates Red Ink (external link)

Viv Forbes, 12 December 2010

The Carbon Sense Coalition has called for an end to all subsidies, mandated markets and sweetheart pricing for solar and wind energy.

Cancun Attendees Want To Ban Water! (external link)

Anthony Watts, 8 December 2010

Cancun COP16 attendees fall for the old “dihydrogen monoxide” petition as well as signing up to cripple the U.S. Economy.

Boycott the Cancun Climate Circus (PDF, 51 KB)

Viv Forbes, 30 November 2010

The Carbon Sense Coalition today called on all Australian governments to boycott the Cancun Climate Change Circus.

Today is Climate Fools Day (PDF, 36 KB)

Viv Forbes, Chairman, The Carbon Sense Coalition, 27 October 2010

Today is Climate Fools Day and Viv Forbes is reminding us below of why we are still

The stupidity of politics: Green fables, jobs, and the incandescent bulb (external link)

J.E. Dyer, 8 September 2010

Sober reading and a portent of what's in store for us with our ignoramus politicians pontificating on and imposing legislation on complex issues about which they obviously understand very little!

Green Extremism Endangers our Future (external link)

Viv Forbes, 17 August 2010

Extreme conservation policies are sterilising so much of Australia

Climate Change Lunacy from AFR Journalist, Mark Lawson (PDF, 28 KB)

Dr Anthony Cappello, Connor Court Publishing, 16 July 2010

A guide to climate warming lunacy

Al Gore (external link)

Ann & Phelim, 1 July 2010

The British High Court found that An Inconvenient Truth contains 9 significant errors. But the documentary continues to be presented as fact and is shown in schools around the world.

Carbon Tax: the next battle in the long War on Carbon (external link)

Viv Forbes, Chairman, The Carbon Sense Coalition, 30 June 2010

The Chairman of

Noble Cause Corruption (PDF, 52 KB)

Tom Minchin, 29 June 2010

TIA Daily Talks with Anthony Watts about What Is Distorting Climate Science

The Magic of Persistence (PDF, 284 KB)

Carbon Sense Coalition, 14 June 2010

For the first time since the Carbon Sense Coalition was formed, we are asking for your help. Please read on.

Heartland Institute (PDF, 73 KB)

The Mannkal Team, 3 June 2010

Read Ron's report from the Heartland Institute

Climate Sceptics - News and Views (PDF, 42 KB)

Climate Sceptics, 3 June 2010

In this newsletter we feature the Heartland Climate conference, Anthony Watts Tour of Australia and where our party will head towards now that we are a registered party.

My moment of rock-star glory at a climate change sceptics (PDF, 1 MB)

James Delingpole, 3 June 2010

James Delingpole reports on the Heartland Institute's Four International Conference on Climate Change

The Madness of King Rudd (PDF, 50 KB)

Terence Cardwell, 1 June 2010

In spite of all the screaming facts from all corners of the globe that now has become apparent about renewable energy & global warming Rudd still refuses to listen or look at the truth & still declares that 20% of our power will be renewable energy.

Public servants trained to fight scepticism (external link)

Andrew Bolt, 27 May 2010


Computer Models, Climate Forecasts and Other Dice Games (external link)

VIv Forbes, 18 May 2010

The Carbon Sense Coalition today called for an investigation into the IPCC/CSIRO computer models relied on for the scare forecasts of drought, floods and rising sea levels.

Sunset looms for Global Warming Industry (external link)

Viv Forbes, 29 April 2010

The Carbon Sense Coalition today called for Sunset Clauses to be inserted in all past and future Global Warming legislation.

Gambling our Future on Sunbeams and Sea Breezes (PDF, 14 KB)

Viv Forbes, 20 April 2010

The Carbon Sense Coalition today accused Australian politicians of risking Australian jobs and industry on a quixotic scheme to generate 20% of 2020 electricity from sunbeams and sea breezes.

Global Warming Cover Up Spreads to NASA (external link)

PJTV, 11 March 2010

The data NASA scientists use to calculate global warming, it turns out, is totally unreliable. Why does the mainstream media continue to treat the institution as credible?

Solar Panels - Another Silly Roof Scheme (PDF, 53 KB)

Viv Forbes, 25 February 2010

"Like the roof insulation scheme, the Roof Solar Panel Scheme is dangerous, ill planned and a massive waste of community funds"

Rudd's New Spin Team (PDF, 51 KB)

John Ibbotson, 21 February 2010

"I suspect that one of the functions of the expanded communication group will be to provide scaremongering information that will help with meeting your objective of delivering the CPRS and ETS."

Climate Scientists Withdraw Journal Claims of Rising Sea Levels (external link)

David Adam, 21 February 2010

An IPCC study claimed in 2009 that sea levels would rise by up to 82cm by the end of century

Climate Sceptics Newsletter (external link)

Climate Sceptics Party, 19 February 2010

The world's first political party representing scepticism in climate policy release their newsletter.

Climate Change Collapse Continues (PDF, 43 KB)

John Ibbotson, 17 February 2010

The scientific "consensus" that man is warming the planet is cracking, and so is a group that was going to push for cap-and-trade.

Lord Christopher Monckton In Australia (PDF, 98 KB)

Damian Wyld, 17 February 2010

This article is a series of extracts from a 45 minute interview of Lord Monckton by Damian Wyld.

A Video Interview With Lord Monckton (external link)

Alex Jones, Lord Monckton, 17 February 2010

Alex welcomes back to the show British business consultant, policy adviser, writer, columnist, puzzle inventor, hereditary peer and vocal critic of the anthropogenic global warming hoax, Lord Christopher Monckton.

Climategate is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg (PDF, 123 KB)

David Henderson, 16 February 2010

"Two recent episodes have given rise to concerns about the quality and reliability of received expert advice on climate change." The IPCC has even issues a formal admission of error.

Carbon Sense Newsletter (external link)

Viv Forbes, 14 February 2010

We still need your help. The Senate vote has not yet occurred, and even if the Wong Ration-N-Tax Scheme is defeated, the Liberals still need backbone support on the matter of Global Warming and all the foolishness surrounding it.

Climategate U-Turn (external link)

Jonathan Petre, 14 February 2010

The academic at the centre of the

Lord Monckton's Australian Diary (external link)

Lord Christopher Monckton, 10 February 2010

An account of Lord Monckton's Australian trip.

Understanding the Ruddy ETS (PDF, 32 KB)

Viv Forbes, 8 February 2010

The Carbon Sense Coalition today claimed that the Emissions Trading Scheme proposed for Australia and now before the Australian Parliament was far more than

The Role of Carbon Dioxide in Climate Change (PDF, 29 KB)

Bob Brock, 7 February 2010

For how long must we endure this inane barrage of solutions to a problem that doesn

One Scam Attracts Another (external link)

Rosslyn Beeby, 5 February 2010

The global carbon market has been crippled by a cyberscam allowing fraudsters to steal and sell more than 250,000 carbon permits valued at about $5 million.

The Fall of the Warming Wall (external link)

Andrew Bolt, 31 January 2010

The Global Warming scam is slowly being picked apart, and it is only a matter of time before it falls down completely.

Global Warming: The Other Side (PDF, 37 KB)

John Coleman, 30 January 2010

The founder of the Weather Channel, John Coleman, presents 5 short videos explaining the reasons why Global Warming is a scam.

Radio Interview with Lord Monckton (external link)

Alan Jones and Lord Monckton, 25 January 2010

Alan Jones invited Christopher Monckton into the studio to discuss climate change.

Where's the Global Warming? (PDF, 29 KB)

Heartland Institute, 14 January 2010

The Heartland Institute asks the question on the lips of everyone this winter: "Where's the Global Warming?"

Monckton vs Ignorant Greenie - a must see! (PDF, 34 KB)

Lord Monckton, 14 January 2010

Watch and listen to this video of Lord Monckton severely embarassing a typical Greenpeace activist on the streets of Copenhagen.

'This will be the warmest winter in living memory' (PDF, 39 KB)

Gerald Warner, 11 January 2010

Despite England and the rest of Europe experiencing an extremely cold winter, the UK Met Office is claiming that it will be the warmest winter on record.

Climate Madness and Electricity Realities (PDF, 41 KB)

Viv Forbes, 11 January 2010

UK climate alarmists set non-example for Australia.

Climate Conference Shakedown (PDF, 31 KB)

Dr Keith Lockitch, 22 December 2009

"President Obama left the Copenhagen climate conference this week with only a nonbinding accord and a pledge to continue discussions, a defeat by most accounts."

Letter to the Editor of the Rockhampton Morning Bulletin (PDF, 26 KB)

Terence Cardwell, 22 December 2009

This letter is worth reading as it puts some perspective on the drivel being spouted around the globe on the so-called CO2 "disaster" and coal-fired power stations (even by seemingly intelligent people).

Al Gore Admits CO2 Does Not Cause Majority Of Global Warming (PDF, 50 KB)

Paul Joseph Watson, 21 December 2009

In a new development that is potentially devastating to the agenda to introduce a global carbon tax and a cap and trade system, Al Gore admits that the majority of global warming that occurred until 2001 was not primarily caused by CO2.

Questions over business deals of UN climate change guru Dr Rajendra Pachauri (PDF, 42 KB)

The head of the UN's climate change panel - Dr Rajendra Pachauri - is accused of making a fortune from his links with 'carbon trading' companies, Christopher Booker and Richard North write., 20 December 2009

Christopher Booker and Richard North

The Pirates of Copenhagen (PDF, 32 KB)

John McRobert, 20 December 2009

"The Somali pirates have nothing on the bunch who turned up in Copenhagen, seeking to plunder the world and divvy up the loot under the guise of 'saving the planet'."

Why We Could Go From A to Z (Australia to Zimbabwe) with the (PDF, 35 KB)

John McRobert, 20 December 2009

"The Somali pirates have nothing on the bunch who turned up in Copenhagen, seeking to plunder the world and divvy up the loot under the guise of 'saving the planet'."

The Driving Motivation for a Climate Treaty (PDF, 16 KB)

E. Calvin Beisner, 17 December 2009


Met Office 'Manipulated Climate Change Figures' Says Russian Think Tank (PDF, 40 KB)

Will Stewart, 17 December 2009

An explosive new claim that the Meteorological Office in Britain 'manipulated' climate change figures has come from a leading Russian think-tank.

100 Reasons Why Climate Change is Natural (PDF, 80 KB)

European Foundation, 15 December 2009

100 reasons, released in a dossier issued by the European Foundation, why climate change is natural and not man-made.

They Should All Walk Home (PDF, 31 KB)

Viv Forbes, 13 December 2009

We are told that Australian tax payers have sent 114 official delegates there, all concerned to reduce our consumption of carbon fuels.

Important Paper on Carbon and Our Climate (PDF, 4.5 MB)

Einar Vikingur, 7 December 2009

This important paper has been submitted by a well-respected technologist. His document avoids opinion, and does not take sides. No-one is attacked. He is just interested in the science.

Cap-And-Trade Loss A Stunner In Aussie Vote (PDF, 36 KB)

Tim Andrews, 2 December 2009

"For the first time since 1916, the leader of a major Australian political party was deposed on the grounds of just one policy decision: the decision to support cap-and-trade."

The Skeptics Handbook II (PDF, 2.4 MB)

Joanne Nova, 26 November 2009

Global bullies want your money!

Hide the Decline (external link)

Minnesotans for Global Warming, 24 November 2009

A great youtube song about that lack of global warming. Must watch!

Hide the Decline - Climategate (external link)

Minnesotans for Global Warming, 24 November 2009

A parody of "Draggin the Line" by Tommy James and the Shondells about hiding the truth about global warming.

The Dog Ate Global Warming (PDF, 56 KB)

Jennifer Marohasy, 24 November 2009

Scientists associated with the UK Met. Office have been less than diligent with their research, particularly in regard to the infamous "hockey stick" graph.

Seal the Deal or Sell It? U.N.'s High-Pressure Green Game (PDF, 25 KB)

George Russell, 19 November 2009

The effort to sign a new, multitrillion-dollar greenhouse gas reduction treaty in Copenhagen next month has hit a wall, but that isn't slowing down the United Nations.

Climate Change - religion getting into your life even if you don't believe it (PDF, 60 KB)

Michael Smith, 13 November 2009

We are starting to see how much this climate change hysteria is going to affect your life.

Andrew Bolt on Climate Change (PDF, 33 KB)

Alan Jones and Andrew Bolt, 12 November 2009

A startling interview between Alan Jones and Andrew Bolt regarding cliamte change.

Climate Change Hysterics (PDF, 34 KB)

Peter Jamieson, 6 November 2009

A great letter to the editor regarding the unfounded "facts" of climate change.

The Alphabetic Problematic Specificities Of The ETS (PDF, 55 KB)

Senator Barnaby Joyce, 6 November 2009

If Mr Rudd is doing the research that we are doing he would be finding out that A. people hate the ETS with a passion and B. that if you inflict them with it they will vote for somebody else.

Copenhagen (PDF, 35 KB)

Mac Nichols, 2 November 2009

"This government is seemingly intent on destroying the social fabric of our free and prosperous society. It should be a large warning that the meeting is being held in the socialist springboard that is Copenhagen."

Framework Convention on Climate Change (PDF, 771 KB)

United Nations, 2 November 2009

This is a draft of the treaty to be signed in Copenhagen.

Carbon Hypocrites, Tax Grabbers or Power Seekers? (PDF, 31 KB)

Viv Forbes, 26 October 2009

Every day we hear some pious politician bleating about the end of the world unless we reduce our usage of carbon fuels like coal, oil and gas. But every day we see them using taxpayers money to promote motor rallies, international sports function etc

Personal and Economic Liberty at Stake (PDF, 33 KB)

Ronald Kitching, 25 October 2009

As the Copenhagen gab fest nears, Climate Change believers and advocates are becoming shrill. British P. M. Gordon Brown made the ridiculous statement "Success at Copenhagen is still within reach. But if we falter, the earth itself will be at risk"

Power bills (PDF, 36 KB), 22 October 2009

"Households will pay $78 more for their electricity in the first year of an emissions trading scheme"

Beware, Rudd's ETS elephant will trash your house (PDF, 46 KB)

Terry McCrann, 17 October 2009

"Imagine if John Howard and Peter Costello had proposed a GST with an indeterminate variable?"

Climate Treaty will Lead to Tyranny (PDF, 40 KB)

Lord Monckton, 14 October 2009

This fantastic video is a 4 minute excerpt of a speech Lord Monckton delivered, issuing a dire warning to all Americans regarding the United Nations Climate Change Treaty.

Not Evil Just Wrong (PDF, 74 KB)

Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer, 5 October 2009

Not Evil Just Wrong, the groundbreaking documentary film we have been working on for more than 3 years will debut worldwide on October 18.

Spinning Out Of Orbit On Climate (PDF, 52 KB)

Joe Poprzeczny, 1 October 2009

There is substantial scientific evidence that increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide produce many beneficial effects upon the natural plant and animal environments of the earth.

Global Warming: Time To Cool Off (PDF, 34 KB)

Des Moore, 30 September 2009

A letter to the editor about the lack of evidence supporting climate change. German academic Mojib Latif, a climate modeller some of the warming in the last three decades was probably due to factors other than CO2 emissions.

It (PDF, 37 KB)

Viv Forbes, 22 September 2009

"It is time for Australian politicians to ditch the Emissions Trading Scheme and dismantle the expensive Global Warming Empire they have created" - Viv Forbes

Carbon Dioxide: World (PDF, 58 KB)

The New Zealand Climate Science Coalition, 16 September 2009

In their zeal to confuse the public, politicians use the term

Our New Rationing Scheme? (PDF, 35 KB)

Ron Kitching, 16 September 2009

WSP, the global engineering consultancy, has been conducting a carbon rationing scheme among 80 of its British employees for almost two years.

Climate Cools on Global Warming (PDF, 58 KB)

Viv Forbes, 13 September 2009

For years we have watched in wonder and disbelief as this global warming party got into full swing. Now, party poopers are even appearing in the IPCC alarmist camp.

An Open Letter to Anna Bligh (PDF, 32 KB)

Bob Beatty, 12 September 2009

A letter to Queensland Premier Anna Bligh regarding her governments environmental policy.

Kiwi Carbon Haze (PDF, 35 KB)

Wall Street Journal - Opinion Asia, 7 September 2009

Wall Street Journal slams New Zealand for carbon madness.

The Un-Natural Disaster - Made in Parliament (PDF, 39 KB)

Viv Forbes, 6 September 2009

Never before have we seen a whole generation of western leaders in politics, academia and big business so cushioned by prosperity, and so mesmerised by pagan nature-worship that they have lost sight of what created and maintains human existence.

Arctic Ice Proves To Be Slippery Stuff (PDF, 42 KB)

Christopher Booker, 5 September 2009

The extent of the sea-ice is now half a million square kilometres more than it was this time last year.

Carbon Scandal Snares Australian (PDF, 47 KB)

Marian Wilkinson and Ben Cubby, 4 September 2009

An Australian company has been swept up in a $100 million carbon trading scandal in Papua New Guinea.

Climate Change - The Science Is Not Settled (PDF, 35 KB)

Hans Schreuder, 4 September 2009

An open letter to UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown about the true state of climate science, as opposed to the pseudo-science portrayed by the UN IPCC and embraced by most western governments and academic bureaucracies without question.

Educating Senator Russell Trood (PDF, 59 KB)

John McRobert, 3 September 2009

A response to Russell Trood

Climate: cloudy or clear? (PDF, 42 KB)

Viv Forbes, The Carbon Sense Coalition, 30 August 2009

The next couple of months are crucial to the future for all Australians.

Spiking the Road to Copenhagen (PDF, 51 KB)

Deepak Lal, 25 August 2009

Deepak Lal outlines the suffering that would befall the Third World if they were forced to cut carbon emissions. "For India it would mean not only reversing the current trends in poverty alleviation, but a vast increase in the numbers of the poor"

Energy Expert (PDF, 54 KB)

NewsMax staff, 22 August 2009

As "cap and trade" legislation (H.R. 2454) moves through Congress, policy analysts are sounding the alarm about the impact such legislation would have on the already troubled U.S. economy.

Renewable Tax Down Under (PDF, 37 KB)

Mary Kissel, 21 August 2009

Significant Evidence That Mankind Has An Insignificant Impact On The Climate Of Planet Earth (PDF, 74 KB)

Jay Lehr, 20 August 2009

48 simple thoughts about why global warming is not actually related to man's activities on earth.

Some Perspective Please - Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (PDF, 13 KB)

Paul Messenger, 19 August 2009

A great way to understand Kevin Rudd's Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme

The Water Footprint Network (PDF, 36 KB)

Ronald Kitching, 15 August 2009

A letter to the editor regarding the new

Australia's Three Climate Choices (PDF, 16 KB)

Mac Nichols, 13 August 2009

The Rudd and Turnbull plans for controlling CO2 emissions, this essential non pollutant, are both absolute nonsense.

Climate Crap - Read this and ask your Federal MP (PDF, 65 KB)

Marian Wilkinson and Ben Cubby, 12 August 2009

An article from the SMH about a Hong Kong billionaire who will receive millions of dollars in compensation under the Rudd Government's emissions trading scheme - but would get almost twice as much under the Opposition's plan.

Turnbull and Wong (PDF, 36 KB)

Viv Forbes, 12 August 2009

The Chairman of the Carbon Sense Coalition, Mr Viv Forbes, claims that both the Turnbull and the Wong Decarbonisation plans were

Our Earth is The Carbon Planet, Life Planet. Carbon Enables Life (PDF, 15 KB)

Malcolm Roberts, 6 August 2009

Letter to the editor regarding carbon and the false accusation that it is dangerous and contributes to climate change.

Get to Know Your ETS - Media Release by Senator Barnaby Joyce (PDF, 72 KB)

Senator Barnaby Joyce, 3 August 2009

It has become apparent that there is a general lack of understanding in the community about exactly what an ETS is. People may understand the sentiment that surrounds it but they don

A Message from The Heartland Institute (PDF, 67 KB)

The Heartland Institute, 31 July 2009

The Heartland Institute has published a new book: Climate Change Reconsidered: The 2009 Report of the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC) and would like to give you the opportunity to order a copy!

Growing revolt on Carbon Hysteria (PDF, 13 KB)

Viv Forbes, 29 July 2009

Mr Viv Forbes calls for a grass roots revolt by the real workers of Australia against the green militia and their socialite supporters who are leading the country into job cuts, power blackouts and poverty.

An environmentally effective and economically responsible Emissions Trading Scheme (a double oxymoron) (PDF, 115 KB)

John McRobert, 28 July 2009

An 'environmentally effective' and 'economically responsible' emissions trading scheme could best be described a double oxymoron. A response to Malcolm Turnbull's 9 point plan for the ETS.

Penny drops - carbon tax destroys jobs (PDF, 17 KB)

Viv Forbes, 28 July 2009

Mr Rudd has woken up that Penny

"Carbon Tax" Likely To Run In Green Derby?‏ (PDF, 49 KB)

Viv Forbes, 20 July 2009

No electorate in the western world will sit by to see their standard of living reduced until their carbon emissions per capita are equal to those of India or China.

Climate Change: Steve Fielding Says Al Gore Is Wrong (PDF, 74 KB), 14 July 2009

Senator Fielding is trying to score a one-on-one meeting with Mr Gore, who is in Australia promoting several environmental causes, to prove to him that climate change sceptics are right.

Climate Change? Yep It's Changing, Brrrrrr.... (PDF, 116 KB)

Deroy Murdock, 13 July 2009

As cap-and-trade advocates tie their knickers in knots over so-called

PM Rudd Called Home (PDF, 59 KB)

Viv Forbes, 12 July 2009

"Our PM should reduce his carbon footprint and come home" - Viv Forbes

Meet The Man Who Has Exposed The Great Climate Change Con Trick (PDF, 87 KB)

James Delingpole, 11 July 2009

James Delingpole talks to Professor Ian Plimer, the Australian geologist, whose new book shows that

Wong Climate Answers Don (PDF, 38 KB)

Bob Carter, 4 July 2009

After attending the Heartland-3 climate conference in Washington in early June this year, Steve returned to Australia and asked Climate Minister Penny Wong three simple questions about climate change.

Why We Should Oppose The Global Warmers (PDF, 98 KB)

Gary North, 3 July 2009

If you like poverty, inefficiency, and bureaucratic controls over the economy, and therefore control over your choices, the "climate change" movement is ideal.

Steve Fielding gets better US headlines than Kevin Rudd (PDF, 41 KB)

Kimberley A. Strassel, 26 June 2009

An article in the Wall Street Journal about the growing climate change skepticism in Australia and the world.

Steve Fielding at Sceptic Conference (external link)

Youtube, 24 June 2009

A Youtube video of Steve Fielding at a Climate Sceptic Conference in Washington.

Could Australia Blow Apart the Great Global Warming Scare? (PDF, 48 KB)

Robert Tracinski and Tom Minchin, 24 June 2009

As the US Congress considers the Waxman-Markey cap-and-trade bill, the Australian Senate is on the verge of rejecting its own version of cap-and-trade.

The Sky is NOT Falling (PDF, 82 KB)

Chris Irvine, 22 June 2009

Polar bears are not dying out and Turkey Twizzlers are fine, according to a new book from scientists wishing to challenge science "scare stories".

Letter to the Editor - 22 June 2009 (PDF, 13 KB)

Matt Eggleston, 22 June 2009

A letter to the editor questioning the facts of climate change and economic impacts of the ETS

Intellectual Climate Change: Could Australia (PDF, 37 KB)

Robert Tracinski and Tom Minchin, 18 June 2009

A publisher in the US has acquired the rights to Ian Plimer's latest book and the authors suggest that this could be the herald of a much bigger upending of environmental politics-if recent events in Australia are any guide.

What shall we eat? (PDF, 30 KB)

Viv Forbes, 16 June 2009

"When we have removed our cattle sheep and goats, when water buy-back has diverted our irrigation water to Environmental Flows... what are we going to eat?"

Basic Flaws in Climate Gospel (PDF, 34 KB)

Des Moore, 16 June 2009

Minister Penny Wong is trying to convince us that a scientific consensus exists when it is clear that there are many scientific experts, like Plimer, who have revealed fundamental flaws in the gospel according to the consensus mythologists.

Senator Fielding on ABC TV "Is Global Warming a Myth?" (PDF, 58 KB)

Barrie Cassidy, 14 June 2009

Family First Senator, Stephen Fielding, joins Insiders to discuss his fact finding mission to Washington DC, where he tried to find answers to some key questions on climate change.

The 2009 Mannkal & IPA Harold Clough Lecture and Lunch - Ian Plimer (PDF, 112 KB)

Mannkal, 4 June 2009

The 2009 Harold Clough Lecture will be presented by Ian Plimer, Professor of Mining Geology at the University of Adelaide. Professor Plimer is Australia

Obama (PDF, 40 KB)

Alex Alexiev, 3 June 2009

Renewable energy is not all it's cracked up to be, with solar power costing huge amounts of money through government subsidies and loss of jobs.

A sensible politician on renewable energy (PDF, 72 KB)

Mannkal, 25 May 2009

If any person doubts the stupidity of government forcing a nation into "sustainable" energy

Cap-and-tax stumbling in D.C. (external link)

Orange County Register, 15 May 2009

Democratic dissention, Republican opposition and growing public skepticism may derail Congress' potentially economy-crippling carbon cap-and-trade bill, perhaps saving Americans billions of dollars.

Origins of the Global Warming Scam (PDF, 23 KB)

Brass Check TV, 11 May 2009

The founder of the Weather Channel has a message for warming is a scam and Al Gore knows it!

Letter to the Editor (PDF, 14 KB)

John McRobert, 10 May 2009

Quite fitting that adjacent to a strange assembly of words entitled 'Beyond Kwinana', you published Michael Ashley's extraordinary criticism of Ian Plimer's book, Heaven and Earth. Perhaps Michael Ashley should stick to star-gazing.

CO2 Restrictions Threaten Human Life (PDF, 39 KB)

Ayn Rand Centre, 1 May 2009

Washington, D.C., April 30, 2009--The Environmental Protection Agency

Global warming alarmists out in cold (PDF, 57 KB)

Andrew Bolt, 29 April 2009

IT'S snowing in April. Ice is spreading in Antarctica. The Great Barrier Reef is as healthy as ever.

Climate Sceptic News (PDF, 26 KB)

Leon Ashby, President "The Climate Sceptics", 23 April 2009

Read this update from "The Climate Sceptics".

Cap-n-Tax is a Crusade without a Cause (PDF, 30 KB)

Forbes, Chairman of the Carbon Sense Coalition, 19 April 2009

This year will see the peak of Global Warming hysteria. Greens, politicians and those geared up to benefit from Cap-n-Tax

G-20 Was About Big Government Getting Bigger (external link)

Dan Denning, 8 April 2009

A summary of the G-20 summit and it's "achievements".

Australian Environment Foundation April Update (PDF, 32 KB)

Max Rheese, AEF, 1 April 2009


Cato Institute Climate Change Ad (external link)

Cato, 31 March 2009

An ad produced by the Cato Institute and printed in the New York Times, Washington Times and Washington Post about President Obama ignoring scepticism in climate science.

Cap-n-Tax Will Eat the Heart out of Australia (PDF, 26 KB)

Viv Forbes, Chairman of the Carbon Sense Coalition, 31 March 2009

The Carbon Sense Coalition today claimed that the Emissions Trading Scheme would eat the heart out of regional Australia by destroying jobs in mining, processing, construction, farming, forestry, transport and tourism.

Humans causing climate change - fact or fiction? (external link)

Lawrence Williams, 30 March 2009

Emissions trading schemes and carbon trading are putting a heavy burden on energy costs as governments try to force reductions in carbon emissions - but are they justified? There are doubters out there.

Climate Change Book Launch (PDF, 19 KB)

Mannkal, 30 March 2009

On March 25 Mannkal hosted an event at which two rational climate change books were launched by Dr Dennis Jensen. The first book launched was Thank God for Carbon by Ray Evans and the second was Solar Cycle 24 by David Archibald.

Rise of Sea Levels is 'The Greatest Lie Ever Told' (external link)

Christopher Booker, 28 March 2009

If one thing more than any other is used to justify proposals that the world must spend tens of trillions of dollars on combating global warming, it is the belief that we face a disastrous rise in sea levels.

Life on Earth and CO2 (PDF, 34 KB)

Ron Kitching, 28 March 2009

Earth Hour or Blackout Night? (PDF, 35 KB)

Viv Forbes, 28 March 2009

The Carbon Sense Coalition today came out in support of Earth Hour, but said it should be renamed

Obama's Green Advisers Concede Defeat (PDF, 39 KB)

Patrick Wintour, 26 March 2009

"Barack Obama may be forced to delay signing up to a new international agreement on climate change in Copenhagen at the end of the year because of the scale of opposition in the US Congress"

The Civil Heretic - Freeman Dyson - on Climate Change (external link)

Nicholas Dawidoff, 25 March 2009

Since coming

All About Carbon Dioxide (PDF, 34 KB)

Ronald Kitching, 16 March 2009

"For all practical purposes, carbon dioxide has no effect whatsoever on the temperature of the planet. That is governed by the activities of the sun."

Global Warming Skeptics Gather in New York City (PDF, 34 KB)

Heartland Institute, 9 March 2009

Nearly 700 scientists, economists, and policy experts from around the world gathered in New York City this evening for the opening dinner of the Second International Conference on Climate Change.

Demonising Carbon (PDF, 36 KB)

Viv Forbes, 9 March 2009

"The war against carbon is a war against coal, cattle, concrete, cars, electricity and breathing."

Launch of Thank God for Carbon and Solar Cyle 24 (PDF, 292 KB)

Mannkal, 4 March 2009

Ron Manners is pleased to invite you to the launch by Dr Dennis Jensen of Thank God for Carbon by Ray Evans and Solar Cycle 24 by David Archibald on Wednesday, 25 March 2009 at the Celtic Club, West Perth.

No Need to Worry - Tax Cuts Will Offset Carbon Taxes (PDF, 37 KB)

Ronald Kitching, 28 February 2009

"The enemies are always those who get you killed. It does not matter which side they are on. At present it seems all of Canberra

A Brave Speech By A Brave Man (PDF, 59 KB)

Vaclav Claus, 27 February 2009

Napoleon said that a country's politics are determined by its geography. To that extent it is understandable why Vaclav Klaus has no quarrel with the EU as such. His quarrel is with the way it is run as a one-party state.

The Liberals Lack Real Leadership (PDF, 31 KB)

Ron Kitching, 27 February 2009

"If he [Malcolm Turnbull] was sensible he would abandon the green anti-industrial agenda, and announce that the Liberal Party was abandoning the Climate Change/Global Warming religion"

Mandating Markets for Wind Power - A stealth tax on electricity consumers (PDF, 46 KB)

Viv Forbes, 25 February 2009

"The Carbon Sense Coalition accused the Federal and some state governments of imposing Stealth Taxes on electricity consumers by forcing power retailers to buy expensive power from inefficient and costly renewable energy sources."

A Cool Look at Global Warming (PDF, 2.5 MB)

Philip R. Wood, 11 February 2009

A great powerpoint presentation re-examining the "facts" of global warming.

"Scare" Video from Heartland (PDF, 31 KB)

The Heartland Institute, 6 February 2009

"Scare," a two-minute video highlighting the scare tactics of global-warming alarmists, has made its debut on the Internet.

Treasury ETS Modelling Underestimates Economic Impact (PDF, 35 KB)

Mathias Cormann, 2 February 2009

Treasury modelling of the economic impact of the Government

Why a carbon tax is a direct attack on living standards (PDF, 41 KB)

Gerard Jackson, 2 February 2009

This scholarly essay by Gerry Jackson of Brookes News, is the sort of essay that should be appearing in leading dailies. Readers ought to give it the broadest possible circulation.

Anthropogenic Global Warming: The Greatest Fraud in History? (PDF, 46 KB)

James Lewis, 30 January 2009

Like famished swine shoving each other aside to get to the trough, self-proclaimed scientists and real politicians are again launching headline upon headline to claim yet another disaster in the name of utterly unproven global warming.

CO2 is Not Pollution! (PDF, 23 KB)

Ken Shock, 22 January 2009

Shock critises Bruce Hextall (on behalf of Reuters) for branding CO2 a pollutant.

Baltimore Weather Examiner: Oceans are cooling according to NASA (PDF, 81 KB)

Justin Berk, 21 January 2009

Two separate studies through NASA confirm that since 2003, the world's oceans have been losing heat.

A Senator who shows leadership! (PDF, 17 KB)

John McRobert, 14 January 2009

Barnaby Joyce has shown courage and intelligence in taking a stand against the nonsense of 'emissions trading'.

Update on The 2009 International Conference (immediately following the MPS meeting on the Global Financial Crisis) (PDF, 74 KB)

The Heartland Institute, 14 January 2009

The Mannkal Foundation, as one of the 35 co-sponsors for the 2009 International Conference on Climate Change, has 20 FREE registrations for those who respond first to So get in quick!

Coral Reefs (PDF, 140 KB)

Dr Craig D. Idso, 12 January 2009

So why doesn't the media publish both sides of the story? Sure, they print headlines on how coral reefs may die off due to global warming or ocean acidification, but hey, what about the other side?

Update from Jennifer Marohasy - January 2009 (PDF, 28 KB)

Jennifer Marohasy, 12 January 2009

This email is the latest update from the Senior Fellow of the IPA and Chair of the AEF, wrapping up the current news and information about the climate change debate.

Brutal Cold in the IPCC Models versus Nature (PDF, 58 KB)

Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D., 11 January 2009

New Study Doesn

Fred Hoyle on the Boil (PDF, 15 KB)

Ronald Kitching, 11 January 2009

Again Fred Hoyle assists us to recognise the Kafkaesque climate policy of Rudd

Earth on the Brink of an Ice Age (PDF, 38 KB)

Gregory F. Fegel, 11 January 2009

The earth is now on the brink of entering another Ice Age, according to a large and compelling body of evidence from within the field of climate science.

The Barrier Reef - Saved at Last (PDF, 14 KB)

Ronald Kitching, 10 January 2009

These days, everybody knows that increased concentrations of carbon dioxide foster plant growth.

Obama Climate Change Advisers Holdren and Lubchenco Are Told Global Warming Is Over Time to Prepare the US for the New Cold Era (PDF, 25 KB)

Space and Science Research Center, 8 January 2009

The SSRC today releases a letter mailed on Jan 1 2009 to Barrack Obama

Climate Concern 'Silly' (PDF, 469 KB)

Yvonne Gardiner (published by the Queensland Times, photograph by Mark Straker), 5 January 2009

Sceptic brushes off carbon dioxide fears.

Skipping Sceptics (PDF, 23 KB)

Colin C Brooks, 4 January 2009

Would you thank Mike Steketee for an interesting layman's take on Climate. Perhaps he could speak with some BC (before computers) geologists, as we try not to confuse climate change with global warming or cooling on minute (to us) time scales.

Climate Change - Lessons from History (PDF, 45 KB)

Viv Forbes, Chairman of the Carbon Sense Coalition, 3 January 2009

The Carbon Sense Coalition today congratulated Senator Barnaby Joyce, Senator Ron Boswell, Senator Cory Bernardi and Dr Dennis Jensen MP for their principled stand against the Emissions Trading Scheme.

Green Comes Clean (PDF, 22 KB)

Investor's Business Daily, 2 January 2009

Propaganda: The global warming alarmist in chief has unveiled the environmentalists' real objective. And no, protecting the planet is not their top concern.

Debunked Global Warming Hype (PDF, 57 KB)

Glenn McCoy and John Ibbotson, 2 January 2009

When living in Alaska one of the most heart wrenching problems was kids going outside and licking poles. So how come I find this cartoon sooo hilarious

Global Warming, a Scam? (PDF, 16 KB)

John McRobert, 1 January 2009

The sooner the 'global warming' scam is exposed as the fraud that it is, the sooner we can get on with building a strong society better equipped to meet the challenges of the future.

2008 was the Year Man-Made Global Warming was Disproved (PDF, 42 KB)

Christopher Booker, 31 December 2008

Looking back over my columns of the past 12 months, one of their major themes was neatly encapsulated by two recent items from The Daily Telegraph.

Don't Forget Your Tithe to the Church of England (PDF, 45 KB)

George Conger, 30 December 2008

Church of England puts its faith in Al Gore's investment arm

The Venus Syndrome (PDF, 20 KB)

Dr James Hanson, 23 December 2008

Read this blog from Dr Jim Hanson and the reply from Ken Shock (physicist).

Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) is a scam, with no basis in science (PDF, 31 KB)

William Katz: Urgent Agenda, 22 December 2008

Frank Tipler, the distinguished mathematical physicist at Tulane University, is an Urgent Agenda reader. UA recently asked him for his view of the global-warming controversy & he was kind enough to send this thoughtful reply.

The End of the World is Nigh (PDF, 20 KB)

Ronald Kitching, 22 December 2008

If the Opposition can be awoken from its comatose dream perhaps they may yet save the day. But the time is short.

Electrical Power and Cost (PDF, 18 KB)

Ronald Kitching, 22 December 2008


Making Sense of ETS (PDF, 17 KB)

Mac Nichols, 21 December 2008

The taxation of carbon emissions is another socialist control on the private sector. That is all it is.

The Man Made Global Warming Nonsense Must be Put to Bed for Good (PDF, 17 KB)

Hans Schreuder, 20 December 2008

Time has come to publicise the lies perpetrated by the UN's IPCC and all of its adherents.

Climate Change (PDF, 19 KB)

John McRobert, 20 December 2008

The sooner the 'global warming' scam is exposed as the fraud that it is, the sooner we can get on with building a strong society better equipped to meet the challenges of the future.

Professor Carter on Emissions Trading (PDF, 20 KB)

AEF, 20 December 2008

an incisive article by Professor Bob Carter published in The Australian on Friday 19 December 2008.

Corruption in High Places (PDF, 18 KB)

Ronald Kitching, 20 December 2008

Why should Martin Ferguson be treated differently than business people are?

Top 10 Dud Predictions (PDF, 15 KB)

Andrew Bolt, 19 December 2008

GLOBAL warming preachers have had a shocking 2008. So many of their predictions this year went splat!

The ETS: Completely Unnecessary (PDF, 46 KB)

David Evans, 19 December 2008

Rudd has failed to see through the vested interests that promote anthropogenic global warming (AGW), the theory that human emissions of carbon cause global warming.

Hell Freezes Over (PDF, 24 KB)

Investor's Business Daily, 19 December 2008

Climate Change: Sin City gets hit with almost 4 inches of snow as the white stuff even dusts Malibu, Calif. We don't know what computer model global warmongers are using. A slot machine with three ice cubes, perhaps?

CNN Meteorologist: Manmade Global Warming Theory 'Arrogant' (PDF, 24 KB)

Jeff Poor, 18 December 2008

Network's second meteorologist to challenge notion man can alter climate.

PM (PDF, 20 KB)

Alex Taube, 18 December 2008

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd using the term "Maximalist" to explain his climate change policy.

The Looming Carbon Shortage (PDF, 23 KB)

Bruce Simpson, 18 December 2008

I fear we risk losing sight of just how important carbon is to us now and how much more important it will become in the future.

Eminent Critics of the White Paper (PDF, 20 KB)

Ronald Kitching, 17 December 2008

To generate a huge bureaucracy which will decimate Australia

Who pays? (PDF, 14 KB)

Perfection has a price, and someone's idea of perfection can differ from another's. Who pays for the difference?, 16 December 2008

John McRobert

The Fabian Carbon Tax (PDF, 19 KB)

Viv Forbes, Chairman of the Carbon Sense Coalition, 16 December 2008

The benefit you get from Canberra is the tax you sent to Canberra, less bureaucratic charges both ways.

Rudd Commits to Destroy the Nation (PDF, 25 KB)

Terry McCrann, 15 December 2008

THE Federal Government's just-released anti-carbon white paper is Kevin Rudd's long, make that his VERY VERY long, national suicide note.

Why Bother? (PDF, 16 KB)

Viv Forbes, 15 December 2008

Why is no-one asking

Scientists Abandon Global Warming 'Lie' (PDF, 30 KB)

Global Research, 14 December 2008

650 to dissent at U.N. climate change conference

Climate Commonsense From Hans Schreuder (PDF, 19 KB)

Hans Schreuder, 13 December 2008

In this letter to Richard Haas, Hans Schreuder succinctly explains that To classify carbon dioxide as the cause of global warming or as a pollutant is nothing short of scientific chicanery.

Who Benefits from Emission Trading? (PDF, 20 KB)

Viv Forbes, 12 December 2008

What about the lawyers,accountants, auditors, regulators, bureaucrats, merchant banks, stock brokers, option traders, climate modellers, wind promoters & cynical politicians all lined up to benefit from creating a sub-prime market trading in hot air?

More Than 650 Scientists Dissent Over Warming Claims (PDF, 20 KB)

Marc Morano, 11 December 2008

Scientists Continue to Debunk

The Global Warming Gospel (PDF, 25 KB)

Mark D. Tooley, 11 December 2008

The Lausanne Movement was founded by evangelist Billy Graham to host periodic mass gatherings of global evangelical leaders. The next one, scheduled for Cape Town, South Africa in 2010, evidently will highlight the urgency of Global Warming.

Suing Al Gore for Fraud (PDF, 23 KB)

YouTube, 7 December 2008

Former ABC TV Chicago weatherman John Coleman and 30,000 scientists are to sue Al Gore for fraud for pushing the Global Warming hoax on USA.

Skepticism on Climate Change (PDF, 36 KB)

Jeff Jacoby, 7 December 2008

THE MAIL brings an invitation to register for the 2009 International Conference on Climate Change which convenes on March 8 in New York City.

Energy Security for Australia - Find More Oil, Waste it Less (PDF, 30 KB)

Viv Forbes, 7 December 2008

Update from Viv Forbes, Chairman of the Carbon Sense Coalition

Parliament Silences Outstanding Liberal (PDF, 15 KB)

Ronald Kitching, 4 December 2008

Why is that the federal Government recently refused to hear what the only scientist in the entire parliament had to say on the matter relating to global warming?

CO2 Lunacy and the Opposition (PDF, 14 KB)

Ronald Kitching, 3 December 2008

Scientists have planted eucalyptus trees enclosed in clear plastic tents and then pumped 600 parts per million of CO2 into the tent. These trees grow much faster and use 20% less water.

Roy W. Spencer: Global Warming and Nature's Thermostat (PDF, 44 KB)

Roy W. Spencer, 1 December 2008

Al Gore likes to say that mankind puts 70m tons of CO2 into the atmosphere every day. What he probably doesn't know is that mother nature puts 24,000 times that amount of our main greenhouse gas (water vapor) into the atmosphere every day!

Team Obama: New National Security Adviser, Jim Jones, Puts Energy First (PDF, 18 KB)

Keith Johnson, 1 December 2008

By tapping General James Jones as his national security adviser, President-elect Obama is indicating that the great energy debate will take place at the epicenter of U.S. national security.

The Futile Quest for Climate Control (PDF, 161 KB)

Robert M. Carter, 30 November 2008

It is time to develop a proper and realistic national climate policy for the good of all Australians, rather than continuing to pursue a fanciful global warming one.

(PDF, 19 KB)

Viv Forbes, Carbon Sense Coalition, 29 November 2008

Viv Forbes from the Carbon Sense Coalition today called on the Australian Government to announce an immediate moratorium on plans to introduce an Emissions Trading Scheme.

Beware the Church of Climate Alarm (PDF, 23 KB)

Miranda Devine, 27 November 2008

As the Czech President, Vaclav Klaus, an economist, anti-totalitarian and climate change sceptic, prepares to take up the rotating presidency of the European Union next year, climate alarmists are doing their best to traduce him.

Save the Environment, Stop the Emissions Trading Scheme (PDF, 55 KB)

Jennifer Marohasy, Chair, Australian Environment Foundation, 26 November 2008

This is a letter from the Chair of the AEF being distributed in the public which clearly demonstrates the AEF's position in the Emissions Trading Scheme debate. It may surprise some!

The 2009 International Conference on Climate Change (PDF, 111 KB)

The Heartland Institute, 26 November 2008

This year's theme, "Global Warming Crisis: Cancelled," calls attention to new research findings that contradict the conclusions of the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report.

The Price of Dissent on Global Warming (PDF, 28 KB)

David Bellamy, 25 November 2008

According to official data, in every year since 1998, world temperatures have been getting colder, and in 2002 Arctic ice actually increased. Why, then, do we not hear about that?

Carbon Farming Expo & Conference 2008 (PDF, 1.8 MB)

Michael Kiely, 24 November 2008

This seminar is the perfect introduction to soil carbon - the opportunities for land managers to profit by restoring their soil carbon and bringing the farm ecology back into balance.

Nature, Not Human Activity, Rules the Climate (PDF, 2.2 MB)

S. Fred Singer (Editor), 24 November 2008

Summary for Policymakers of the Report of the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change.

Cooling Support for Emissions Trading (PDF, 22 KB)

Viv Forbes, Chairman of the Carbon Sense Coalition, 20 November 2008

The Carbon Sense Coalition today called on the Queensland Government to follow the lead of New Zealand and initiate a complete review of the science and the cost-benefits of the proposals to levy a new tax on coal and petrol usage.

Time to Review the Emissions Trading Scheme (PDF, 19 KB)

Viv Forbes, 20 November 2008

The Carbon Sense Coalition today called on the Queensland Government to follow the lead of New Zealand and initiate a complete review of the science and the cost-benefits of the proposals to levy a new tax on coal and petrol usage.

Predicting the Future of the Climate and A New Tax (PDF, 17 KB)

Ronald Kitching, 18 November 2008

Considering how much the world has changed in the last 100 years, how do the current leaders intend to predict what kind of world we will be living in in 2100 asks Ron Kitching.

Solar Cycle 24 (PDF, 517 KB)

David Archibald, 17 November 2008

Why the world will continue cooling and why carbon dioxide won

A Surreal Scientific Blunder (PDF, 17 KB)

Jennifer Marohasy, 17 November 2008

Jennifer predicts that in not so many years time weather station data will be collected more for fun, a sense of history, and for site-specific information, than for serious regional and global climate statistics.

Climate Review - Moving in the Right Direction (PDF, 36 KB)

New Zealand Centre for Political Research, 17 November 2008

the NZCPR Guest Catherine Beard describes the state of the international climate change markets,

Cold, Hard Facts (PDF, 44 KB)

Investor's Business Daily, 17 November 2008

Despite record snows and low temperatures around the world last month, a major Al Gore supporter says October was the hottest on record. The only thing being cooked here is not the Earth, but the books.

Emissions Trading Scheme Up For Review Under ACT Deal (PDF, 15 KB)

Grant Fleming, 16 November 2008

NZ Labour Party's Emission Trading Scheme is Now Stuffed!

Rapid Cooling Down Under (PDF, 15 KB)

Grant Fleming, 16 November 2008

The incoming National government [in New Zealand] will completely review the emissions trading scheme (ETS) - possibly including the science that says humans are to blame for climate change - as part of its support deal with ACT.

Physicist predicts man-made global warming bubble to burst in 2008 (PDF, 20 KB)

Dr. Thomas P. Sheahen (and others), 16 November 2008

Read about Dr Sheahen's prediction (made in early 2008) and don't forget to check out the link at the bottem of the article which takes you to a collection of interesting articles which put the so-called "Global Warming" debate into perspective.

Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant (PDF, 20 KB)

Hans Schreuder, 15 November 2008

Hans Schreuder has the technical expertise and ability to put into a few words the central focus of the argument concerning carbon emissions. There is no need to waste further time on senseless babbling.

Nut Cases and Eco-fundamentalism (PDF, 32 KB)

The Scientific Alliance, 14 November 2008

Like any movement which inspires belief in its values, environmentalism also fosters a proportion of fundamentalists.

Ian Plimer Joins Lateline Business (PDF, 27 KB)

Ticky Fullerton, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 11 November 2008

Professor Ian Plimer is one of the few scientists roundly disagreeing with the theory of human induced climate change.

Fred Hoyle on Carbon Dioxide (PDF, 24 KB)

Ronald Kitching, 10 November 2008

Read Ron Kitchings summation of English astronomer Fred Hoyle's study of carbon dioxide.

Europe in Full Retreat on Climate Plan (PDF, 13 KB)

UPI, 6 November 2008

Global concern about the ailing economy has led the European Environment Committee to revise its energy package.

Global Warming - is it Really a Threat? (PDF, 653 KB)

Des Moore, 5 November 2008

This report responds to the presentation in August by Mark Howden of CSIRO and argues that IPCC reports do not justify any emissions reduction policy.

Daily Express BBC Shunned Me For Denying Climate Change (PDF, 120 KB)

David Bellamy, 5 November 2008

For years David Bellamy was one of the best known faces on TV. Yet for more than 10 years he has been out of the limelight, shunned by bosses at the BBC where he made his name, as well as fellow scientists and environmentalists.

The Great Global Warming Swindle (PDF, 52 KB)

Jamie Glazov, 4 November 2008

See the transcript of Frontpage's interview with Martin Durkin, the producer of the documentary "The Great Global Warming Swindle".

Monetary Measurements for Climate Fanatics (PDF, 16 KB)

Ronald Kitching, 4 November 2008

The Rudd government, and the opposition too, intend to not only extend and support the malinvestments but to load viable investments with an emission trading tax and so render them bankrupt too.

Treasury Modeling & Climate Change Policy (PDF, 20 KB)

Des Moore, 3 November 2008

Two "Letters to the Editor" written in reponse to a press release by Wayne Swan and Penny Wong published in the Australian Financial Review.

Mass Hysteria and Climate Change (PDF, 15 KB)

Ronald Kitching, 3 November 2008

The villain of alleged

The Fuhrer To Virtually Ban Electricity Produced From Coal (PDF, 14 KB)

Ken Shock, 2 November 2008

Coal power provides 49% of America's electric power. There is NO WAY to replace this base load with intermittant solar and wind power!!!!!!!

The Great Carbon Con (PDF, 178 KB)

David Evans, 1 November 2008

What do you do if you've spent years helping to save the planet by monitoring carbon emissions, only to find that the evidence doesn't quite stack up? One option is to change your mind about global warming.

The Model Shows .... (PDF, 12 KB)

Ronald Kitching, 1 November 2008

Here, Ron Kitching questions the models put forward by the Government in predicting the likely affects of climate change.

MIT scientists baffled by global warming theory, contradicts scientific data Trendwatch (PDF, 21 KB)

Rick C. Hodgin, 30 October 2008

Scientists have recorded a nearly simultaneous world-wide increase in methane levels. This is the first increase in 10 years & what baffles science is that this data contradicts theories stating man is the primary source of increase for this gas.

Physicist Advocates Return To Commonsense (PDF, 17 KB)

Ronald Kitching, 30 October 2008

In this "Letter to the Editor" Ron Kitching highlights a number of issues that 12,850 scientific degree holders believe responsible States and news reporters should re-examine in regards to climate change.

Donkeys Everywhere (PDF, 15 KB)

Ronald Kitching, 30 October 2008

Read about young Charlie and his donkey in this latest "Letter to the Editor" piece.

Carbon Fools Day (PDF, 12 KB)

Paul Biggs, 28 October 2008

28th October 2008 will go down in history as 'carbon fools day,' a sad day for democracy and science,

Yesterday's Visions (PDF, 27 KB)

Viv Forbes, 28 October 2008

After reading about the "garbage" coming out of Canberra and London regarding climate change and carbon trading schemes, the chairman of the Carbon Sense Coalition, Viv Forbes, is attempting to clear some "garbage" in Brisbane.

Not Enough CO2 in Fossil Fuels to Make Oceans Acidic (PDF, 37 KB)

Professor Ian Plimer, 24 October 2008

In response to a question concerning the likelihood of our oceans becoming acidic from global warming Ian Plimer, University of Adelaide, has voiced his opinion.

Climate Alarmism's Flimsy Foundation (PDF, 25 KB)

Paul Chesser, 24 October 2008

Forget pretty much any news reporting you see that attributes disastrous phenomena to global warming, because it's all designed to create a fog surrounding the core issue: is climate change human-caused or not?

Professor Lance Endersbee on the Climate (PDF, 22 KB)

Lance Endersbee, 23 October 2008

Western governments now plan to

Spain's ex-prime minister blasts 'new religion' of climate change (PDF, 12 KB)

Courtesy CCNet, 22 October 2008

Former Spanish prime minister Jose Maria Aznar Wednesday dismissed climate change as a "new religion" that is drawing hundreds of billions of euros at a time of economic crisis.

The Carbon Cash-In (PDF, 14 KB)

John Vidal, 22 October 2008

And finally: Nicholas Stern's Ponzi scheme: cashing in on carbon

Kyoto Derailed by Financial Crisis (PDF, 17 KB)

Dr Fred Hansen, 21 October 2008

PM Rudd should take notice.

Thirty Years of Warmer Temperatures Go Poof (PDF, 23 KB)

Lorne Gunter, 21 October 2008

The number of climate change skeptics is growing rapidly. Because a funny thing is happening to global temperatures -- they're going down, not up.

Europe's Climate Revolt (PDF, 26 KB)

Benny Peiser, 21 October 2008

To prevent a financial crisis from turning into an economic calamity, the European Union has pulled the emergency brake on green policies.

Update from Jennifer Marohasy (PDF, 26 KB)

Jennifer Marohasy, 19 October 2008

This email is the latest update from the Senior Fellow of the IPA and Chair of the AEF, wrapping up the current news and information about the climate change debate.

About Lysenko, Pseudo-Science and CO2 (PDF, 13 KB)

Ronald Kitching, 18 October 2008

In this 'Letter to the Editor' the current day climate alarmists are compared to those "scientists" who had the politcal support in the days of Stalin's Russia.

How We Found Ourselves Ambushed by Reality (PDF, 42 KB)

Tom Switzer, 15 October 2008

Emissions Trading Systems and The New Religion.

Global Warming Alarmism is Unacceptable and Should be Confronted (PDF, 399 KB)

Vaclav Klaus, 13 October 2008

Vaclav Klaus is the current President of the Czech Republic. He gave this speech at the Hilton Hotel in Portland, Oregon in September 2008.

President Vaclav Klaus (PDF, 17 KB)

Mannkal, 13 October 2008

President Vaclav Klaus of the Czech Republic is the only Head of State in the world to stand up and expose the fragility of arguments put forward by Climate Alarmists. See here for details of his publications.

The Politics and Science of Climate Change: The Wrong Stuff (PDF, 31 KB)

Professor Aynsley Kellow, 13 October 2008

This paper was presented at the 2008 Harold Clough Lecture on 2 October 2008. It discusses how science surrounding climate change models are commonly fraught with errors, and the effects of being overly precautious in climate change solutions.

F. A. Hayek on Government Money (PDF, 16 KB)

Ronald Kitching, 11 October 2008

Here, Ron Kitching quotes from Hayek's book, "The Fatal Conceit, The Errors of Socialism", in regards to money.

Garnaut Must Be Hopping Mad (PDF, 12 KB)

Ted Malone, 11 October 2008

This letter to the editor got the box in today's Weekend Morning Bulletin. The author, who is the MP for Mirani, comically discusses the practical implications of putting in place some of the suggestions that were made in the Garnaut Report.

The Growing Revolt against the Climate Alarmists (PDF, 25 KB)

Viv Forbes, 10 October 2008

This document includes a introductory letter from Viv Forbes and a statement made by him concerning a submission made to the Qld Parliament about emissions trading and carbon taxes. It also provides a link to the letter referred to.

An Open Letter to Premier Anna Bligh and All Elected Members in Queensland. (PDF, 70 KB)

Viv Forbes, 9 October 2008

This is a letter from Viv Forbes who is the Chairman of the Carbon Sense Coalition to the Qld Parliament. His message is one that needs circulation.

The High Priest Speaks (PDF, 12 KB)

Ronald Kitching, 7 October 2008

Another "Letter to the Editor" by Ron Kitching exploring how the popular 'science' of climate change is more like a religion.

Holidays in Gallifrey. (PDF, 15 KB)

Ron Kitching, 7 October 2008

This installment of Ronald Kitching's "Letter to the Editor" reflects on the whim of Climate Change Czar Garnaut

Witch Doctor Required (PDF, 15 KB)

Ronald Kitching, 6 October 2008

In this installment of "Letter to the Editor" considers alternative sources of power to electricity - with limited success!

Cosmic Rays and Climate - Part 1 (PDF, 17 KB)

Colin C. Brooks, 6 October 2008

A scientist responds to the climate alarmists.

Cosmic Rays and Climate - Part 2 (PDF, 1.3 MB)

Jasper Kirkby, 6 October 2008

A scientist responds to the climate alarmists.

EU Climate Policy: Poland Leads Revolt Over Russia Fears (PDF, 20 KB)

Michael Levitin, 6 October 2008

Poland has claimed that it has assembled enough votes to block a landmark EU climate change agreement after spearheading a revolt by Eastern European states that fear the package would increase their dependence on Russian natural gas supplies.

Act hastily, roo the scare tactics (PDF, 27 KB)

Miranda Devine, 6 October 2008

An interesting article about the Garnaut Report as published in the Sydney Morning Herald on October 2, 2008.

Emissions Impossible: Norway Taxes Carbon, Emissions Rise (PDF, 17 KB)

Keith Johnson, 6 October 2008

The big debate over how to tackle climate change generally boils down to what kind of pain a climate plan will do to the economy; environmental benefits are generally assumed. What if the economic pain doesn't even translate into environmental gain?

Bush Our Politicians (PDF, 10 KB)

Ronald Kitching, 3 October 2008

This installment of Ronald Kitching's "Letter to the Editor" questions the success of introducing an Emissions Trading Scheme.

A Changed Climate: Europe Goes Cold on Climate Hype (PDF, 26 KB)

The Economist, 2 October 2008

The EU is struggling to deliver on its promise to cut carbon emissions.

Now, should we destroy the economy? (PDF, 26 KB)

Terry McCrann, 1 October 2008

This article from the Herald Sun discusses the Garnaut report and the affect of introducing an emissions trading scheme in light of the recent crash on Wall Street.

Debunking Climate Myths (PDF, 24 KB)

David Haselhurst, 17 September 2008

Professor Ian Plimer, at this week

The Nonsense of Global Warming (PDF, 28 KB)

Paul Johnson, 11 September 2008

Global warming, in particular, is a creed, a faith, a dogma that has little to do with science. If people are in need of religion, why don't they just turn to the genuine article?

Some Simple Economics of Climate Change (PDF, 579 KB)

Kevin M. Murphy, 7 September 2008

A brief and easy to understand presentation by Kevin M. Murphy which will provide some perspective on, and give insight to, the economics of climate change.

Sceptics Handbook (PDF, 543 KB)

Joanne Nova, 25 August 2008

Rise above the mud-slinging in the Global Warming debate. Here are the strategies and tools you need to cut through the red-herrings, and avoid the traps.

Not Evil Just Wrong (PDF, 74 KB)

Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer, 25 August 2008

A letter from Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer promoting their new documentary and asking for assistance in gaining exposure for it. The movie looks at the other side of the Climate Change debate to that endorsed by Al Gore.

Events Have Debunked the Climate Scare (PDF, 16 KB)

Christopher Monckton of Brenchley, 25 August 2008

A reply to Prof. John Holdren's article that no one should heed the "few climate change 'skeptics' with any sort of scientific credentials".

Climate Debate Breakthrough (PDF, 46 KB)

60 Minutes, 18 August 2008

Those who watched 60 Minutes on August 17 2008 had the opportunity to judge who was peddling myths or presenting facts about the climate debate, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd or Dr. David Evans.

Global Warming Has Ended (PDF, 12 KB)

Space and Science Research Centre (Press Release), 18 August 2008

In a news conference held in Orlando, Florida on July 1 2008, Mr. John L. Casey, Director of the Space and Science Research Center, issued a landmark declaration on climate change.

Australian Environment Foundation Conference Invitation (PDF, 553 KB)

Max Rheese, 13 August 2008

Please see this invitation to the AEF 2008 Annual Conference which is to be held in Canberra on 11 - 12 October 2008.

The foolishness of the environmental movement and congress! (external link)

RCO64 (Youtube channel), 26 June 2008

Congress's energy bill bans incandescent light bulbs by 2014, and requires Americans to buy compact fluorescent bulbs. Those are called CFLs.

Let's Use Cooling Off Period to Check Our Facts (PDF, 12 KB)

Terry Dunleavy, 6 May 2008

Is the tide starting to turn? This article appeared in the New Zealand Herald.

Emissions Trading - A Weapon of Mass Taxation (PDF, 17 KB)

Viv Forbes, 4 May 2008

See this paper for a submission to the Garnaut Enquiry by Mr Viv Forbes.

More Carbon Dioxide, Please (PDF, 38 KB)

Roy Spencer, 1 May 2008

There seems to be an unwritten assumption among environmentalists - and among the media - that any influence humans have on nature is, by definition, bad.

The Great Global Warming Race (PDF, 16 KB)

Steven Milloy, 1 May 2008

Can global warming's vested interest close the deal? Steven Milloy puts his views across in this article.

We Might Also Pee in the Sea to Change the Tides .... (PDF, 217 KB)

Andrew Gillies, 20 April 2008

The Carbon Sense Coalition share their views on "Earth Hour".

Climate Change Issues and the Role of the IMF (PDF, 102 KB)

David Henderson, 10 April 2008

This paper is a revised and extended version of the presentation made by David Henderson to the IMF.

Solar Cycle 24: Implications for the United States (PDF, 770 KB)

David Archibald, 31 March 2008

This is the presentation given by David Archibald in New York where he demonstrates that the sun drives climate & uses that demonstrated relationship to predict the Earth

Cosmic Rays and Climate (PDF, 1.3 MB)

Jasper Kirkby, 26 March 2008

A scientist responds to the climate alarmists.

Update by Jennifer Marohasy (PDF, 13 KB)

Jennifer Marohasy, 20 March 2008

This email written by Jennifer Marohasy is sent to subscribers of her website and interested parties.

Professor Plimer Hits Carbon Dioxide Doomsayers at Paydirt Confab (PDF, 17 KB)

Ross Louthean, 17 March 2008

Professor Plimer told Paydirt 2008 Uranium Conference in Adelaide that the blame factor applied to CO2 in causing global warming was wrong.

Climate Alarmists Pose Real Threat to Freedom (PDF, 15 KB)

Vaclav Klaus, 12 March 2008

As an economist, I have to start by stressing the obvious. Carbon dioxide emissions do not fall from heaven.

The Contrarian of Prague (PDF, 18 KB)

Brain M. Carney, 8 March 2008

Mr. Klaus has become a globally prominent voice of skepticism about what he calls global-warming "alarmism."

From Climate Alarmism to Climate Realism (PDF, 21 KB)

Vaclav Klaus, 4 March 2008

Notes for the speech at the 2008 International Conference on Climate Change.

The Global Warming Suicide Cult (PDF, 46 KB)

Don Feder, 19 November 2007

The Global Warming movement has been compared to a religion -- albeit one without God, but with a vision of sin and repentance, damnation and salvation. Not quite.

Failure to Warm (PDF, 383 KB)

David Archibald, 22 October 2007

This is the occasional address given by David Achibald to the AGM Lavoisier Group in 2007 regarding Climate Change.

A convenient fraud now being exposed (PDF, 28 KB)

Andrew Bolt, 10 October 2007

A word of advice to the many teachers who have been scaring our children with screenings of All Gore's An Inconvenient Truth.

George Carlin - Saving the Planet (external link)

comraderussian, 7 August 2007

Comedian G.Carlin on saving the planet.

Top Geoscientist Debunks Climate Change. (PDF, 19 KB)

Ross Louthean, 8 June 2007

Professor Plimer made it clear to a mining forum that he considers climate change is an exaggerated issue that will cause more harm than good.

Hot Talk, Cold Science (PDF, 24 KB)

S. Fred Singer, 13 May 2007

This article looks at Fred Singer's latest book which considers the global warming debate.

The Wolfdene Dam (PDF, 25 KB)

Greg Hunt, 3 January 2007

Rudd recipe no good in a crisis - the Labor leader's social democracy ethos would cripple Australia.

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