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A note from the Chairman

The Mannkal web-site is an inevitable extension of my life-long libertarian adventure.

In addition to maintaining old and creating new contacts our Mannkal Economic Education Foundation is a way of repaying some of that often "borrowed" intellectual capital.

The Mannkal Foundation is a registered non-profit organisation with an independent board.

In the true Australian spirit we don't take governments too seriously. However, we do observe that any government's action usually achieves the opposite of their stated intent, so they need to be reminded of this.

Your own libertarian/free-market/Objectivist/Austrian economics/input is invited. Have a look at our Events Calendar for future events you can be involved in.

Organisations such as Mannkal get their momentum from people and converting this momentum into effective communication is an art form.

Combining such art with interesting people is proving to be an enjoyable and productive exercise.

Ron Manners, Chairman


Western Australia was settled by pioneers with deeply entrenched beliefs in political freedom. To maintain that freedom in the new colony, our pioneers established important institutions - courts, universities, parliaments, churches, a free press and other public and private organizations which they believed were necessary to preserve their way of life.

The freedom of average citizens to pursue their own ambitions has been dramatically curtailed - primarily through the inordinate growth of government regulation and taxation.

The collapse of the Soviet Union saw socialism as an economic doctrine completely discredited. However, its various social permutations and its central planning devotees are still in existence and are active within many of Australia's educational institutions - including those in Western Australia.

Because national prosperity and other forms of well-being are driven and sustained only by the resourcefulness and creative energies of its citizens, it is essential for Australia's future that these traditions of freedom are rediscovered and re-established.

The Mannkal Economic Education Foundation will employ its resources to assist in the rediscovery and refurbishment of the traditions which form the basis of national prosperity and personal freedom.

Or, as Nobel Laureate, F.A. Hayek said, "We must make the building of a free society once more an intellectual adventure, a deed of courage."

What is Libertarianism?

The word "Libertarian" is defined in the Oxford Dictionary as a noun or adjective applicable to those who advocate Liberty. How much liberty is good for the individual?

How much government do we need?

The "classic liberal" or libertarian perspective is that individual well being, prosperity, and social harmony are fostered by "as much liberty as possible" and "as little government as necessary".

These are open-ended answers that leave a lot to explore. What's possible? What's necessary?

What are the practical implications? The unsolved problems?

Libertarians quite often spend most of their time arguing with one another. We all have a common enemy i.e. those who would reduce our liberty. "As government expands, liberty diminishes".

More at or have a look at the CIS Liberty & Society Conferences.

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