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A Libertarian Primer for Future Leaders of Western Australia

Learning about liberty can occur either in practice or theory, from living under an oppressive government or reading accounts of the struggle against tyranny. In Western Australia, where we are still relatively free, many young (and not so young) students are introduced to the idea of liberty by Ron Manners and his Mannkal Economic Education Foundation. With over 600 former interns, this programme has not only introduced liberty to a new generation but also helped prepare many to defend these ideals in the years and decades to come.

With the expansion of Mannkalís very successful international intern programme, it was decided to put together A Libertarian Primer for Future Leaders of Western Australia. This publication documents the history of the libertarian movement in both Western Australia, and more broadly, Australia. It will be read by all new outbound Mannkal Scholars and is free for download on the Mannkal website. Periodically the document will be updated and expanded as battles are fought and as new issues emerge.

A Libertarian Primer was formally launched in the Mannkal office in Subiaco on Monday April 14, 2014, with a number of prospective and former interns. Following the official comments, a rich discussion and debate occurred. Importantly, the baton was passed to the next generation who will not only update the publication but also write the next chapter in the story

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